“A Martyr’s Crown” – Endorsements

Martyrs for Christ are not just part of ancient history. They are a treasured part of the Church today, and their numbers are increasing. In her first novel, Joyce Coronel opens a window into the faith that inspires martyrs and transforms even the not so faithful. Her story is a gripping account of how events in Iraq can impact lives in Arizona, in unexpected yet wondrous ways.”

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted of the Diocese of Phoenix


“A powerful reminder that we live in the greatest age of martyrdom in Christian history and a moving lesson in the universality of the Church.”

George Weigel
Distinguished Senior Fellow, Ethics  
and Public Policy Center, Washington, DC 


“Joyce has accomplished something so powerful in “A Martyr’s Crown.”  Firstly she has helped to shine a badly needed spotlight on the very real and  unfortunately ongoing religious persecution of our Chaldean brothers and sisters. Secondly through her gifted story telling she challenges  all of us who claim to be Christian to ask ourselves a crucial question:  Where would our own faith be if we were put in similar situations?”

Teresa Tomeo
 Syndicated Talk show host  
and Best selling Catholic author
Thanks for the privilege of reading this. I found it inspiring, moving and very powerful.”

Father John Auther, SJ

“Joyce Coronel is not Chaldean. She has never lived in Iraq. Although the events in her book A Martyr’s Crown are fictionalized, she captures the essence of the religious persecution Christians in Iraq have endured as if she too suffered the same pain.”

Vanessa Denha Garmo
Communication Strategist, Media Coach, Producer, Voice Talent
Founder Denha Media and Communications
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