Overcoming Indifference: Sept. 12 at the Franciscan Renewal Center

joyce_coronel (1)How do we break through complacency and overcome indifference to the suffering around us?

Pope Francis has called on us to make room in our hearts to hear the voice of God and the cries of the poor. Sadly, many of us are so caught up in our own concerns and our virtual realities that we can become hardened to the people all around us who long for the love of Christ. How can we become vessels of God’s healing? Through transformation in Christ, once we’ve finally surrendered all to Him in complete trust. Joyce Coronel thought she had seen everything the world of journalism could throw at her until she stumbled on a story that changed her life and called her to overcome the sin of indifference. Life has never been quite the same since. Find out what happened when she responded to God’s call and how YOU can do so too!

A mother of five sons, Joyce Coronel is a Catholic journalist, author and speaker who has covered everything from the State Capitol to the tragic murder of a Catholic priest to the visit of Pope Francis to Israel. She’s chased down leads, trudged through the mud, and even gone dumpster diving, but it was the story of the persecuted Christians of Iraq that turned her world upside down and reignited her faith. This amazing encounter brought about healing and transformation in her life. Don’t miss her Sept. 12, 2015 workshop, “Overcoming Indifference” at the Franciscan Renewal Center.







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